This will become the tallest shipping container building in the world


At first glance, 118 Vallance Road in East London doesn’t seem like it would be anything more than just another office development. But at nine stories and 26 meters tall, the building will just barely surpass the Freitag Store in Zurich as the tallest shipping container building in the world.

The building will be fabricated off-site from reclaimed shipping containers. From the outside, the module of boxes will be in the form of a gridded facade. The raw containers will be treated with a unified cladding and softened with glazed balconies and planting. While raw container stacking works for smaller buildings, the height of 118 Vallance Road required a more “sophisticated” approach, according to Patalab. Along with the fact that almost the entire structure is recycled, photovoltaic cells will be incorporated on the roof to power the structure to help with sustainability. 


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The project recently received planning permission from London Borough of Tower Hamlets. Patalab projects the building will cost about 30% less to build than traditional buildings to construct.