Reports from Intl. Code Council focus on expanding use of shipping containers as building materials


The ICC Evaluation Service (ICC-ES), a member of the International Code Council Family of Companies, recently issued three evaluation reports that help expand use of shipping containers as building materials.

The reports pertain to three companies offering shipping containers for housing: SG Blocks, Inc., Sea Box, Inc., and Falcon Structures. The reports show the companies’ compliance to AC 462, the Acceptance Criteria for Structural Building Materials from Shipping Containers, and ensure that these products meet applicable codes and standards.

“The growing market demand for alternative building materials and techniques has led to a pressing need by the construction industry for new sources for materials,” according to a news release from ICC-ES. The global container homes market alone, as reported by Allied Market Research, is expected to reach over $73 billion by 2025.

In addition to product evaluations provided by ICC-ES, the International Accreditation Service (IAS), another member of the Code Council Family of Companies, provides accreditation for fabricators and third-party and special inspection agencies to support confidence in the manufacturers and inspectors of off-site and modular products and services.