San Francisco plan would require largest commercial buildings to use 100% renewable electricity


San Francisco recently announced a plan that would require its largest private commercial buildings to run on 100% renewable electricity.

The first such requirement in the U.S. would be phased in next decade. By 2022, commercial buildings over 500,000 sf would have to meet the requirement. Two years later, buildings larger than 250,000 sf would fall under the rule. By 2030, all commercial buildings over 50,000 sf would have to comply.

San Francisco’s requirement is expected to reduce 21% of emissions from commercial buildings by 2030. That year, the goal is for the entire city to run on 100% renewable electricity. Almost half of the city’s emissions come from buildings, with half of those emissions coming from commercial buildings.

The city’s Board of Supervisors will debate the issue next month. City officials do not expect property owners to fight the plan.