How 3D Technology is Boosting Industrial Sales


3D models for industrial projects of all sizes

It’s not just Australia’s largest industrial projects that are benefitting from the use of 3D technology in their marketing, with Strand Estates using it in multi-unit complexes, both new and existing, throughout New South Wales and Queensland.

“Traditionally there is a hierarchy of marketing assets that are used in industrial property, and it revolves mostly around print marketing – like large affixed leasing boards, brochures and newsletters,” Strand Estates director David Walker said.

“We are also using print advertising, which tends to promote the agent more than the individual properties. However, with the advent of technology in marketing, we are moving more toward interactive models and they have quickly become so crucial to my projects that I wouldn’t implement a marketing campaign without them.”

“The Snaploader 3D models offered our projects the ability to maximise our points of difference, as well as providing high-quality modelling, speed, ease of use and adaptability on mobile platforms.

“It’s a cutting edge technology that allows our properties to stand out with a big point of difference.

“People have commented to us on the ease of use of the Snaploader modelling and its unique ability to provide a 3D view of an entire project.

“The modelling also includes palette, furniture and racking options to aid buyers/tenants in their decision making when choosing a property.

“The platform is quickly becoming an industry standard when it comes to marketing all forms of real estate.”