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It's great to see that inner-city developments in Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne and Perth are being matched in Australia's regional centres with approved developments in the Barossa Valley, Toowoomba, Maroochydore, the Central Coast, Parramatta, Warrnambool, and the Pilbara.

The construction industry has been bouyed by increased activity in the residential sector; which has been described as 'strong, but patchy' in BIS Shrapnel's latest forecast. NSW will lead construction growth for the next two years, ahead of Queensland and Victoria, with Western Australia's industry expected to contract in line with the mining sector. In the ACT tough times are not expected to end any time soon.

If you're looking for contracts why not check out the latest projects added to the BIO network; and if you're in Townsville come along to the networking drinks or industry breakfast to get the latest scoop on upcoming projects.


We're pleased to announce that three new partners have joined BIO's Member Benefits program: imar Insurance, Flight Centre and iLend Finance. Check out their offers below.

You can find all the latest promotions, from fuel savings to complimentary safety courses, on the Member Benefits page.

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Create the connections you will need to take advantage of regional opportunities.
Meet with potential business partners, advisors, customers and suppliers from all areas of business over informal networking drinks.

Everyone is welcome! 

Date: Tuesday, 12th August, 2014
Time: 6pm to 7:30pm
Venue: Townsville Brewery Co. 252 Flinders St, Townsville
Cost: $20, includes entry & food only

REGISTER NOW with invitation code TIB13AUG



On Wednesday, 13th August, the Department of State Development, Infrastructure and Planning is hosting back-to-back networking events at the Townsville RSL.

The day will kick off with the Townsville Industry Breakfast, followed by the Growing Your Business Forum.

For more information on both events click on the event heading below.

Townsville Industry Breakfast                     REGISTER NOW
Time: 6:30am - 8:30am
Cost: $35, includes breakfast

Growing Your Business Forum                    REGISTER NOW
Time: 9:00am - 12:30pm
Cost: $35, includes lunch


Our "Current Projects" page provides all website users with a snap shot of "open" BIO projects!  

Some projects are listed below. Members - login to view full details of all current projects today!

  • Coles fit-out Robina
  • Toowoomba Library
  • Cairns School of Arts upgrade
  • The Woodstore, Chermside
  • Emerald GP Super Clinic




Is a direction for further medical assessment lawful and reasonable?

A recent appeal decision by the Full Bench of the Fair Work Commission re-emphasises the rights of employers to direct their workers to attend medical appointments to determine their fitness for work, while highlighting the more straightforward path for doing so when employers have well drafted employment contracts in place.

The case (Darrin Grant v BHP Coal Pty Ltd [2014] FWCFB 3027) involved an appeal by the employee, a boilermaker in BHP’s Peak Downs Mine, against a finding by the Commissioner at first instance that he had not been unfairly dismissed.

The employee had been on sick leave for over eight months with a shoulder injury, before notifying BHP that he was ready to return to work.  He provided medical certificates from his regular medical practitioner and the orthopaedic surgeon both stating he was fit to return to duties.  BHP, however, directed the employee to attend an appointment with its nominated medical specialist who was trained as an occupational physician and had specific knowledge of BHP’s mine operations.

The employee refused to attend the appointment, and was dismissed for failing to follow the obligation implied into all employment relationships that an employee must follow their employer’s lawful and reasonable directions.

The employee was covered by an enterprise agreement, which only required employees to produce a medical certificate of fitness for work before returning to duties, and there was no express contractual obligation on the employee to submit to a medical assessment.

BHP relied on what it cited were its obligations under the Coal Mining Safety and Health Act 1999 (Qld) to ensure employee fitness on a mine site, and much of the case focussed around the extent of the obligations set out in that Act.  Ultimately, however, the Full Bench confirmed that in determining whether a direction is “lawful”, there does not need to be a positive law or statute requiring the direction.  Rather, the direction must fall within the scope of the employment and not be unlawful (so, for instance, a direction to commit a crime would be unlawful).

The Full Bench agreed with the Commissioner at first instance that BHP’s direction to attend a medical examination with their nominated provider was lawful and reasonable.  This was because of the nature of the employee’s job as a boilermaker, his medical history (including surgery and rehabilitation), his extended absence from duties, and BHP’s overarching obligation to take all reasonable steps to ensure that the employee could safety perform his duties without exposing himself or anyone else to an unnecessary level of risk.

The subsequent decision to dismiss the employee for not following this lawful and reasonable direction was then ultimately held not to have been harsh, unreasonable or unjust overall.

Read the full article here.

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The BIO Business Assistance Portal is a complimentary service for BIO Business Network Members. You will need to quote your membership number at the time of call.  Please note that these complimentary services are not available to users who are only registered as part of a Builders Preferred Team.


BIO Legal Help Desk

Supported By

BIO Legal provides a complimentary help desk for members requiring preliminary guidance about legal matters.  All calls received by the help desk are treated as confidential. Time limits apply.

The Queensland help desk service is provided by BIO’s Legal Partner MacDonnells Law.

Our Services Include:

  • Building & Construction Law
  • BCIPA Payment claims
  • Debt recovery
  • Contract Development & review
  • Credit Agreements
  • Company & Tax Law
  • Business structuring
  • Litigation Services
  • Industrial Relations Law
  • Property Law
  • Family Law

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Recently the Department of Education, Training and Employment released a Queensland Government Building and Construction Training Policy (the Training Policy) which came into effect as of 1 July 2014.

The Training Policy replaces the Queensland Government Building and Construction Contracts Structured Training Policy (10% Training Policy) and the Indigenous Employment Policy for Queensland Government Building and Civil Construction
Projects (the IEP 20% Policy). The Training Policy aims to develop the skills base of existing and future workers in the building and construction industry and help to promote and assist the economic independence of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders in Queensland.

Find out what this means to you - and other related legal news in this month's legal update.

For more information on these issues, please contact Melinda Foley on (07) 4722 0220 or or Patrick Day on (07) 4722 0220 or at or call directly on (07) 4722 0220.

This article is intended only to provide general information about current legal issues and does not constitute, nor should it be used or treated as, professional or legal advice. Readers should make their own enquiries or seek legal advice before making any decisions concerning their own interests.

BIO Legal Help Desk is a complimentary service for BIO Business Network Members. You will need to quote your membership number at the time of call.  Please note that these complimentary services are not available to users who are only registered as part of a Builders Preferred Team.



BIO Tender Assist is a Tender Assistance service to assist builders, developers and clients with the preparation and issuing of tender documents using the BIO portal.   

Our Services Include:

  • Tender Document Management Service;
  • Preferred Team Member Establishment;
  • Tender Risk Assessment / Key Considerations;
  • Tender Submission Preparation;
  • Quality Control;
  • Contracts Administration;

Call 1300 604 001 and ask for BIO Tender Assist


BIO Tender Assist is an add-on service for BIO Members. You will need to quote your membership number at the time of call


If you have had Safety In Industry assist you with the development of a Safe Work Method Statement or consulted us about how to control a hazard, you will have heard us rant on about “what does the Code say ?”

In short, as described by Safe Work Australia, Codes Of Practice are practical guides to achieving the standards of health, safety and welfare required under the Work Health and Safety (WHS) Act and the WHS Regulations in a jurisdiction.

In other words, COP provide practical advice on how to control certain hazards in the workplace.  Like regulations, codes of practice deal with particular issues and do not cover all hazards or risks which may arise. The health and safety duties require duty holders to consider all risks associated with work, not only those for which regulations and codes of practice exist.

Please also be aware that under a WHS Act in a jurisdiction, approved codes of practice are admissible in court proceedings. Courts may regard an approved code of practice as evidence of what is known about a hazard, risk or control and may rely on the code in determining what is reasonably practicable in the circumstances to which the code relates. To explain that more precisely, should an incident or injury have occurred under your control, a COP can be used in a court proceeding to determine what you should have done as the minimum standard of controlling a hazard.

The importance and relevance of a COP to your work activities cannot be stressed highly enough. They are an excellent source of instruction and guidance on how to reduce the likelihood of harm to your workers and yourself. If your SWMS do not reference COP for controlling hazards, then it would be strongly advisable to have us look them over for you.

If you want the web site address of your local jurisdictions list of COP, just drop me an email and I will send you the URL for your state.

As always, Stay Safe..

Safety in Industry have helped countless contractors across the country in meeting their obligations under the act with Safety documentation such as Safe Work Method Statements, Safety Management Plans and Manuals and implementation of accredited management systems.

We provide a number of other specialist services such as capability statement writing, tender and bid writing, management training.

Craig Clancy

Safety In Industry
B.Ap Sc – Construction Management
Masters Bus Process Management

M: 0458 797836
(Systems in Industry supplies tender development and bid writing services to the construction industry as well as systems development. 30yrs industry experience, government and defence tender experience).



BIO is running a FREE training session and invite you to come along to see how to access & respond to work / Tenders though the Building Industry Online system

It is important for your company to be fully aware on how to access the system and to respond to any requests for quotations as it can be the only avenue to access the builders projects.

Who Should Attend:

Estimators, Project Managers, Sales Representatives / Account Managers, Business Owners, Anyone who responds to tenders.

Location: BIO Boardroom
Venue: Level 1, HQ North, 540 Wickham Street, Fortitude Valley Q 4006,
Ph:1300 604 001

(Note - Click on the Session Time to register for that training)

Training Type Date Session 1 Session 2
Suppliers Wed 6th Aug 9-10am 2-3pm
Subcontractors / Consultants Wed 13th Aug 9-10am 2-3pm
Builders/Developers/Architects Wed 20th Aug 9-10am 2-3pm



Promise check: Restore the Australian Building and Construction Commission
On July 31, 2013, Tony Abbott promised that the Australian Building and Construction Commission would return to full operation within months of a Coalition government being elected. Read more.

Home building set to spike over next three years
The construction of new residential dwellings is set to spike over the next three years, after a strong pick-up in 2013-14. Read more.

Build, build, build, says HIA
The number of homes needed in the coming 30 years will make the present building boom look decidedly average, the Housing Industry Association’s chief economist will tell an industry summit today. Read more.

Record breaking housing construction can't keep up with demand: BIS Shrapnel
The housing shortage is a much-lamented problem and BIS Shrapnel’s latest Building in Australia 2014-2029 report suggests that we may continue to feel its effects for some years. Read more.

Australand profit benefits from residential real estate boom
Property developer Australand has reported a 49 per cent jump in half-year profit, even as revenue slid. Read more.

More competition in building ‘good for infrastructure’
Trade Minister Andrew Robb has hailed the emergence of new international competition in the local construction industry as an opportunity to get $125 billion of infrastructure built cheaper and faster than it could have five years ago. Read more.

Better together: why construction needs collaboration to work efficiently
For centuries, the building trade has been a hugely fragmented industry, with lots of different companies coming together for a particular building and then moving on to different projects. Read more.

Where are Australia’s fastest growing local housing markets?
Australia’s hottest housing markets are concentrated in the ACT, Victoria and Western Australia, according to a new report from the Housing Industry Association (HIA). Read more.

Bill Shorten saves CFMEU for commission chief
Bill Shorten has refused to be drawn on Coalition calls for Labor to expel the Construction Forestry Mining and Energy Union from the party after explosive royal commission evidence alleged union officials were involved in a “criminal conspiracy’’. Read more.

CSR homes in on the move to townhouses
CSR boss Rob Sindel says the country’s residential construction market recovery has gathered even more momentum since it delivered its annual results in May and the number of new homes being built annually is starting to approach record levels. Read more.

Boral tells Royal Commission of union blackmail, boycotts
Blackmail, a criminal conspiracy and a failure of the law - that is how Boral's chief executive has described the actions of the construction union in its unlawful boycott of the company over the past 18 months. Read more.


(QLD) Govt accused of misleading committee on subbie issue
The State Government is facing dissent in its own ranks as it moves to amend construction industry payment legislation at the expense of subcontractors. Read more.

(QLD) Vision Tower finally set to go ahead as Brisbane's tallest building
After years of false starts, Brisbane’s tallest skyscraper finally looks set to get off the ground. Read more.

(QLD) Newstead to soar with plan for five tower development
The rise and rise of the Newstead skyline looks set to continue, with Brisbane property entrepreneur David Devine unveiling grand plans for a new $400 million, five tower residential development. Read more.

(QLD) Arsonists set fire to Kuraby townhouse complex three times in week
A construction site south of Brisbane has gone up in flames, with arsonists setting fire to it for the third time in a week. Read more.

(QLD) Fresh plan to supercharge Queensland regions
Families and businesses across the state will benefit from the release of the Queensland Government’s strong plan to create jobs and prosperity in regional communities. Read more.

(QLD) Jobs and housing to flow from new planning Act
Queensland families will have better access to affordable housing after State Parliament last night passed new legislation that will resolve long-standing issues around infrastructure charges applied by local councils. Read more.

(QLD) Court orders Walton Construction liquidators to stand down
A court has ordered high-profile insolvency industry figure Stirling Horne and two colleagues removed as liquidators of alleged phoenix builder Walton Construction over a conflict of interest. Read more.

(QLD) Garden City building boom stuns industry
Toowoomba's building industry is back in the black after nearly half-a-billion dollars worth of construction last financial year. Read more.

(QLD) Unions royal commission: Lis-Con manager Eoin O'Neill claims campaign of harassment by CFMEU
A major construction company has told the royal commission into trade unions that it was forced to shut up shop in Queensland after a campaign of union harassment. Read more.

(QLD) Metro Proposes Five New Towers for Newstead
A new DA has been submitted for a large parcel of land between Ann and Stratton Street in Newstead by Metro Property Group. Read more.

(QLD) Buildings set to go for Maroochydore's new CBD
Demolition of old buildings on Aerodrome Rd will begin within weeks to create an access point into the new Maroochydore city heart. Read more.

New South Wales

(NSW) Bunnings Warehouse set to return to Blacktown as construction given the green light
Construction has started on the $40 million project to bring Bunnings Warehouse back to Blacktown. Read more.

(NSW) Construction boss Anthony O'Meley charged with drug trafficking
Just five years ago, Cessnock MP Kerry Hickey was singing the praises of local construction magnate Anthony O'Meley. Read more.

(NSW) Newcastle building heights capped to maintain skyline
New planning controls for Newcastle have been approved, revised maximum building heights among controls to guide the revitalisation of the city centre. Read more.

(NSW) Zetland apartments continue spate of developments for Sydney’s southern corridor
A new residential and mixed use precinct by Allen Jack + Cottier (AJ+C) will be constructed in Zetland Sydney, continuing the series of developments for the city’s southern corridor. Read more.

(NSW) Engineer, firm face most serious charges yet under Australia's toughest workplace safety laws
A NSW maintenance engineer faces up to five years in jail and his bosses could be fined $3 million over the death of a young Canberra building worker two years ago. Read more.

(NSW) Pru Goward sends Tigers development back to the drawing board
The long-running battle over development of the former Balmain Leagues Club is set to revert to square one after planning minister Pru Goward wrote to Leichhardt Council, encouraging it to redraw local planning controls for the site. Read more.

(NSW) British heavyweights pull out of bid for Sydney city light-rail project
The risk in digging up George Street to build a light-rail line through the centre of Sydney has been underlined by the withdrawal of one of the consortia bidding for the project. Read more.

(NSW) Builders poised for strong, patchy recover
A record-breaking recovery in home building could see up to 190,000 housing starts this financial year, according to new BIS Shrapnel forecasts that predict strong construction activity to continue another two years. Read more.

(NSW) Major multi million dollar development boom spells growth and jobs for Central Coast
Confidence in the Central Coast has never been stronger with an array of major infrastructure and development projects under way and in the pipeline. Read more.

(NSW) Parramatta's tower race
Here is the first look at the third building released by Chinese property giant Starryland Australia. Read more.


(VIC) Warrnambool's $19.3m suburban spread
Building activity in Warrnambool is on the rise with new statistics pointing to growth in construction coming from new north and eastern neighbourhoods. Read more.

(VIC) Construction at Fishermans Bend tipped to come soon as Minister releases strategic plan
Port Phillip's northwest is set to become an extension of the CBD, with towers of at least 30 storeys soon to be built in Fishermans Bend. Read more.

(VIC) Apartment Design Standards draft released
Very small apartments could not be built in Victoria, all building sites would feature large trees and almost all apartments would have to receive direct sunlight under a plan for new design standards. Read more.

(VIC) $100-million Point Nepean National Park facelift to create a luxury retreat
Point Nepean is set for a $100-million facelift that could transform a historic section of the national park into a health retreat, marine education centre and luxury accommodation. Read more.

(VIC) Bald Hill wind farm builder threatened by union, say court papers
Construction union bosses allegedly warned a builder that "we will f--- you over" and that it was "going to get ugly" if the company did not sign a pay deal, according to court documents. Read more.

(VIC) 720 Bourke Street Melbourne adds to Docklands skyline
A $440 million Hassell designed office building in Melbourne is now complete; the 720 Bourke Street project features sustainable elements and a contorting glass façade. Read more.

(VIC) WorkCover in push to restrict union officials' safety probes
WorkCover inspectors are being told to restrict union officials from investigating safety complaints amid claims of escalating political interference in the regulator. Read more.

(VIC) Royal commission into union corruption hears CFMEU warned Pentridge developer not to cooperate with the ABCC
A recorded phone call from a union representative telling a Melbourne developer to "forget about the law" and that his site would be shut down if the company cooperated with the industry watchdog has been heard at a royal commission. Read more.

(VIC) New homes in Melbourne could soon be more environmentally-friendly
New homes in some Melbourne municipalities will have to be much more environmentally sustainable if six councils get their way. Read more.

(VIC) Melbourne apartment development hits historic high
More apartments are being built in Melbourne than at any time in the city's history, which experts say is being driven largely by overseas investment. Read more.

Western Australia

(WA) New design for Perth’s stadium at Burswood to be revealed
Perth's new sports stadium will cost more than $862 million to build, and more than half of it will be funded by the taxpayer. Read more.

(WA) 16-storey development on old Subiaco Pavilion Markets site gets WA Government approval
A 16-storey development proposed for the derelict Subiaco Pavilion Markets site has been given the green light by the Western Australian Government, despite protestations from the City of Subiaco. Read more.

(WA) New housing in Pilbara for workers
Service workers in Newman are set to benefit from more rental options, with tenancy applications open for 10 new homes. Read more.

South Australia

(SA) Workers who went on strike at Royal Adelaide Hospital site taken to court
More than than 20 workers at the new Royal Adelaide Hospital site are being taken to court for alleged “unlawful’’ industrial action after walking off the job. Read more.

(SA) Barossa Valley retail centre set for multimillion dollar upgrade
A village square and new Foodland supermarket form part of a plan for a multi-million dollar upgrade of a Barossa Valley retail centre. Read more.

(SA) Green energy target delay hits multimillion-dollar projects
Projects set to generate hundreds of jobs and millions of investment dollars for South Australia are at risk or on hold because of uncertainty over a national target to increase renewable energy generation. Read more.

Australian Capital Territory

(ACT) ACT Master Builders Association calls for alignment of plans
The body representing the ACT's building and construction industry has called for reforms to planning requirements and strategy in the ACT, including greater industry consultation and streamlined document handling. Read more.

(ACT) Canberra's Northbourne Square towers approved
The ACT government has approved a $300 million redevelopment in the city which is set to change the skyline of the area next to Veterans Park. Read more.

(ACT) Tough times in building trades won't end soon, experts say
An estimated 114 building and construction-related companies have gone to the wall in Canberra since the start of last year, leaving behind more than $80 million in debts, Australian Securities and Investments Commission data has revealed. Read more.


(TAS) Pumphouse Point development to offer lakeside luxury from $240 a night
An “immersive” tourism experience at Pumphouse Point on Lake St Clair is on track to open by the end of the year. Read more.



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"ADCO Constructions recently completed a full assessment of our online tendering needs for both our estimating and construction departments, BIO came out in front. Now having moved to use the system for all our tenders and some of our live construction projects, we are very happy with the exceptional service we have received and are impressed with the support systems they have in place for Subcontractors and Suppliers. We also approached BIO with regard to upgrading the system to suit some requirements that ADCO would like implemented, they were very forthcoming with the requests and had the system upgraded within days which was incomparable to other systems we had researched. The BIO team are very innovative and seem to be focused on being number one in online document management systems and their endeavour to get there was another reason for ADCO to sign up. As the BIO system improves and updates at the rate it currently is, other systems will struggle to keep up."

Luke Annear, Senior Estimator - ADCO Constructions April, 2011


"RCQ Construction (Commercial Builder) has been using the BIO Website as a tender and document control system since BIO was first established. We have found the website has at least halved the time and resources spent to distribute tender documents out to the tender market. We have also found that BIO covers nearly 90% of all subcontractors and suppliers in the North Queensland area and is continually expanding all the time. BIO is also a great document control system that can be used from the infancy design stage right through to completion of our major projects. Full credit to BIO on getting a tender and document control system that works for our Construction Industry."

Chris Ahern, North Queensland Manager, RCQ February, 2011


"Woollam Constructions has been using Building Industry Online for the last 12 months and it has really helped to streamline our tender operations. I think the biggest benefit to us and to the subcontractors, consultants and suppliers who use Building Industry Online is the fact that we (Estimators) get to deal directly with construction industry members assisting us to price our projects. Without the direct channels created through BIO subcontractors and suppliers have to go through our support team who help us to manage the information flow on each job. BIO is like our internal support team. So by using BIO, subcontractors, suppliers and consultants get to deal directly with us!. We would highly recommend membership to this system."

Geoff Holmes, Woollam Constructions February, 2011


"My company had only just joined BIO when we received an invitation to a networking event, we attended this function which was held at Woolloongabba and found the event to be very informative and refreshing on many levels. I could see the benefits of becoming a member straight away. I have also had a number of inquiries come through to my email requesting quotes for certain jobs from other BIO members so the impact of joining BIO has been instant!. Thank you to the BIO team for your efforts thus far and we at Quiet Please Acoustics are looking forward to what BIO has to offer moving forward."

Lance Courtenay,

Quiet Please Acoustics Pty Ltd


Davies Climate Control have been members of BIO for a number of years. The team at BIO offer a fantastic service!. I can’t fault it. We would highly recommend BIO to anyone working within the Construction Industry”, Michael Davies, Davies Climate Control.


“I find the ability to easily review an entire document set for a project is an invaluable tool, coupled with the user friendly interface and support as well as the real time notification of addendums; BIO has become a cornerstone of our Tendering process.” Roy Bouttell Ruswin Locksmiths


“BIO has greatly helped us expand not only our name, but our product and client base as well. The service and feedback from the BIO crew has been fantastic for our business, particularly with new staff. Worth every cent! “

Shane Miller The Easylift Group Pty Ltd

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