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" The BIO Portal provide a very effective way for us to get our documents out to tender. The fact that we can also use it to help find new Builders is very valuable to us and our clients."

MPA Designs February, 2012

"ADCO Constructions recently completed a full assessment of our online tendering needs for both our estimating and construction departments, BIO came out in front. Now having moved to use the system for all our tenders and some of our live construction projects, we are very happy with the exceptional service we have received and are impressed with the support systems they have in place for Subcontractors and Suppliers. We also approached BIO with regard to upgrading the system to suit some requirements that ADCO would like implemented, they were very forthcoming with the requests and had the system upgraded within days which was incomparable to other systems we had researched. The BIO team are very innovative and seem to be focused on being number one in online document management systems and their endeavor to get there was another reason for ADCO to sign up. As the BIO system improves and updates at the rate it currently is, other systems will struggle to keep up."

Luke Annear, Senior Estimator - ADCO Constructions April, 2011

"Woollam Constructions has been using Building Industry Online for the last 12 months and it has really helped to streamline our tender operations. I think the biggest benefit to us and to the subcontractors, consultants and suppliers who use Building Industry Online is the fact that we (Estimators) get to deal directly with construction industry members assisting us to price our projects. Without the direct channels created through BIO subcontractors and suppliers have to go through our support team who help us to manage the information flow on each job. BIO is like our internal support team. So by using BIO, subcontractors, suppliers and consultants get to deal directly with us!. We would highly recommend membership to this system."

Geoff Holmes, Woollam Constructions February, 2011

"John Foster Projects have been using Building Industry Online for a number of years and are extremely happy with the service. Our Estimating team has more time to work on the preparation of tenders and to deal with and answer queries for subcontractors, suppliers and consultants who are helping us price our projects . The BIO network is very good. It is continually growing which enables us to have a broader access to different construction industry members. The BIO network is a great resource for us to use and it is really pleasing to work with so many forward thinking individuals and companies who have embraced a new way of operating within our industry."

Greg Tandy, John Foster Projects February, 2011

"RCQ Construction ( Commercial Builder ) has been using the BIO Website as a tender and document control system since BIO was first established. We have found the website has at least halved the time and resources spent to distribute tender documents out to the tender market. We have also found that BIO covers nearly 90% of all subcontractors and suppliers in the North Queensland area and is continually expanding all the time. BIO is also a great document control system that can be used from the infancy design stage right through to completion of our major projects. Full credit to BIO on getting a tender and document control system that works for our Construction Industry."

Chris Ahern, North Queensland Manager, RCQ February, 2011

"We operate a Design and Drafting company and the largest e-mail I can send is 5 meg. I use Building Industry Online to give our clients and consultants direct access to plans. It really simplifies what we do and saves a lot of time and hassle for both of us."

Mark Norton, Design Centre NQ.

"BIO has greatly helped us expand not only our name, but our product and client base as well. The service and feedback from the BIO crew has been fantastic for our business, particularly with new staff. Worth every cent!"

Shane Miller, The Easylift Group Pty Ltd August, 2011

"Lance Courtenay, Quiet Please Acoustics Pty Ltd. My company had only just joined BIO when we received an invitation to a networking event, we attended this function which was held at Woolongabba and found the event to be very informative and refreshing on many levels. I could see the benefits of becoming a member straight away. I have also had a number of inquiries come through to my email requesting quotes for certain jobs from other BIO members so the impact of joining BIO has been instant!. Thank you to the BIO team for your efforts thus far and we at Quiet Please Acoustics are looking forward to what BIO has to offer moving forward"

Lance Courtenay, Quiet Please Acoustics August, 2011

"Building Industry Online is a great system. To have a website that unites contractors, suppliers, builders & trades etc together is fantastic. All relevant information is accessible and up to date. Plus the ongoing training and support is so valuable. BIO has certainly been to the advantage of our business."

East Coast Shelving April, 2011

"I find the ability to easily review an entire document set for a project is an invaluable tool, coupled with the user friendly interface and support as well as the real time notification of addendums; BIO has become a cornerstone of our Tendering process"

Roy Bouttell, Ruswin Locksmiths October 2011

"Davies Climate Control have been members of BIO for a number of years. The team at BIO offer a fantastic service!. I can't fault it. We would highly recommend BIO to anyone working within the Construction Industry."

Michael Davies, Davies Climate Control September, 2011

"We had some downtime, in between project and I tried the BIO, Immediate Availability Tool. I had a call back in 2 minutes from a Builder!! Should have done it 2 weeks ago! - would recommend this tool!"

Rick Castle, RC Castel - Concrete, Formwork, Steel Fixing Contractor August, 2011

"We have no problem accessing everything we need to get our builders our best price. The way the system allows our builders to keep us up to date with addenda and changes is also very good."

Bill Lucas, Mark Maunder Plumbing

"I had the work completed that I advertised on your web site the other week. I have been really happy with the whole process. The builder was excellent, and the fact that they expressed their interest in my job, rather than the issues I had experienced with getting tradies to call me back or complete a quote for me. It just made the whole thing run really smooth. I am telling everyone that will listen about how good the process was. Full credit to you Tanya, it is an excellent service."

James Felix - Community Member January, 2011

"As a member of the general public with very little knowledge of the local building industry, BIO provided me with a very simple interface to broadcast out to interested builders my home extension project. I did not need to search the phonebook and ring around many builders to finally find a few who might be interested. Very importantly, BIO operating within the building industry increased my confidence of finding reputable builders"

John Murray, General Public Member

"Well done Andrew! Your first Brisbane event ticked all the boxes and was well worth attending. The relaxed, casual atmosphere created an ideal opportunity to network with people from a range of different business sectors within the building industry. We will certainly be attending your next event."

Terry Umstad, Besam Australia Pty Ltd August, 2011

"The BIO Networking evening was informative and being able to talk with others in a relaxed atmosphere enabled valuable connections to be made. We, as a company would recommend anyone to attend future events for the benefit of networking. The food and drinks were an added bonus."

Gordon Heelan (Director), Nerelle Heelan (Director) and Annie Kassulke (Admin Coordinator) from Coastal Building Approval Service August, 2011

"The BIO Networking Events are a good place to meet people who I have had dealings with over the phone and to re-enforce our professional commitment to their business and to update on future developments within our company that may benefit them."

Nolan Kohlweg Commercial Estimator ,GJames Glass & Aluminium August, 2011

"The BIO Networking functions are a good way to meet , be informed and discuss practical building issues in a comfortable & relaxed environment"

Wayne Smith, Manager Termimesh Cairns August, 2011

"The response we received from the BIO Disaster Recovery Portal was so quick. It really made me feel a lot better about my situation. Someone was able to come out immediately to assist us. The Service is excellent and I would highly recommend it. Thanks guys."

General Public member Wulguru - Townsville Region February, 2011

"We found an excellent electrician through Building Industry Online. They called within 10 minutes of our project being registered and were able to help us immediately. They had a very personal approach which we really appreciated. We needed our entire house re wired."

General Public Member - Fairfield - South Brisbane Region January, 2011

"The service was excellent. My entire unit was guttered from the floods. I had an immediate response and now have three quotes for the repair works. I am very happy and would recommend this service."

General Public Member - Graceville, South Brisbane Region January, 2011

"The Building Industry Online Disaster Recovery portal worked very well for our business. We needed our entire office refitted. Response was immediate and within a week we have contractors already undertaking our repair work. We would highly recommend this service to any one needing assistance to get their businesses back up and running."

Pinnacle Management - Milton - Brisbane City January, 2011