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BIO will shut down on September 30th 2018 back

Aug 14, 2018

After a very long consideration, BIO will shut down on September 30th 2018.As of this time all current monthly payments will cease. 

Up until this time, we are very willing to work with you to assist in a transition and to ensure minimal disruption for your current projects.

All data on the system can be exported.  You are able to download direct through “Reports”

  • Correspondence history on every project – this can be done by notification type or overall. 
  • Overall project reports – are also exportable so that you have a complete audit trail of everyone you have notified / engaged on every job, as well as listing what stage of the engagement they are at.
  • Document Access reports are also exportable at your end. (This will be key report for you to keep on all projects)
  • Your preferred team can be exported by me at any point you like.  You are able to do this yourself but email addresses will not come through.  When I do it through the back end they will come through and will provided in a CSV file so that you can easily import into another system.

Thank you for very much for your support of BIO over the last 10 years as well as all of the input you have given with regards to the system.